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Coleman Patio Heaters
Coleman is a well-known company specializing in outdoor equipment for camping and leisure. They have almost every type of outdoor equipment you mentionable, and this could be expected they have a wide range of outdoor heaters to choose from.......

Table Top Patio Heaters
Table Top Patio Heaters provide warmth when you need it where you need it.

Permanent Patio Heaters
With a good well dimensioned Patio Heater you can extend your Outdoor Patio Season. They make it possible to enjoy the relaxing outdoors from early spring until late fall.

Ceiling Patio Heaters
Very convenient ways to extend your outdoor season are ceiling Patio Heaters. Gas or Electric, we discuss them in this article.......

Sahara Big Burn Patio Heater
If you are looking for big heat output in a patio heater, the Sahara Big Burn patio heater fits the bill. It gives off an impressive 15 kW of heat and has a large distribution canopy to heat medium to large spaces. This burner uses charcoal as a fuel source, and has all the modern conveniences like a piezo electric switch for starting and a safety cut off valve in case the unit is ever tipped over........

Electric Patio Heaters
Think about patio heaters and the most common image is a
gas heater. Although they are popular, gas heaters are
not the only type of outdoor heater on the market today.
Electric patio heaters are available and offer several
advantages over gas heaters

Outdoor Patio Gas Heaters
Patio gas heaters are one of the greatest recent inventions. They allow us to enjoy our outdoor terrace or patio through a much longer season than previously. With a patio gas heater, you can entertain and relax outside well into the fall season and in the early spring........

Endless Summer Patio Heaters
Everyone loves relaxing outdoors on a patio or balcony. Most people hate to see the end of the nice summer weather, and would like to extend the summer season as much as possible. Now, thanks to the popularity of patio heaters, people can enjoy their outdoor terrace

Arctic Patio Heater
A patio heater is one of the best ways to get the most enjoyment from your patio. Although there are many brands of patio heaters available, an Arctic patio heater can be a stylish addition to your patio or terrace. They are available in a variety of styles and colors which can suit the rest of your patio furnishings........

Costco Patio Heaters
Costco is great for buying just about any consumer product imaginable, and they don't fail in the patio heater department. There are several models of Costco patio heaters available which are suitable for patios and terraces of all sizes......

Endless Summer Patio Heaters
Everyone loves relaxing outdoors on a patio or balcony. Most people hate to see the end of the nice summer weather, and would like to extend the summer season as much as possible.......

Whalen Patio Heaters
When you are entertaining outdoors on chilly evenings, a patio heater can make the difference between a pleasurable get-together that people are reluctant to leave, and an uncomfortable gathering that people can't wait to escape from.....

Kirkland Propane Patio Heater
Some of the most stylish propane patio heaters on the market today come from Kirkland Signature. They allow you to enjoy your patio or terrace beyond the regular summer season, while providing an elegant addition to your outdoor décor.......

Infinity Glo Patio Heaters
Patio heaters are ideal for extending the patio season. They allow you to enjoy the outdoors even when it's cool, and can be used in the daytime or in the evening. Infinity Glo patio heaters are available in four different styles, and make the ideal companion for outdoor entertaining........

DCS Patio Heaters
DCS is a well-known company that specializes in gas cooking appliances. Their stoves and barbecues are often used in professional kitchens, and also enjoy a good reputation for residential use. DCS has recently introduced a line of patio heaters which draw on the company's skill and expertise in manufacturing gas appliances.......


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