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Concrete Patio Furniture – A Classic

For those who like to rearrange their patio furniture on a regular basis, it makes sense to have lightweight aluminum furniture. For permanent or semi-permanent placement, however, concrete patio furniture offers attractive design and solidity to last a lifetime.

Due to its weight, concrete patio furniture is usually used for accent pieces, with furniture in other materials (like metal or wood) making up the bulk of the patio furniture. Concrete can also form the centerpiece of your patio in the form of an attractive dining table.

A concrete table set can add a special touch to your patio setting. Sets usually come with matching benches, and they all can be tastefully decorated with tiles or moldings. Nothing says quality like concrete patio furniture.

Concrete tables and benches are usually reinforced for extra strength. Pedestals may have galvanized tubing inside to ensure the structural integrity of the concrete. Similarly, other concrete patio furniture may be reinforced with rebar.

Other details to keep in mind when you are shopping for concrete patio furniture are finish and accents. Try to choose a style that will fit in with your other patio furniture.

Aside from table sets, concrete patio furniture is available in a broad range of accent pieces. Everything from birdbaths to planters and statuaries to fountains is available in concrete to set your patio off from the average.

Statuaries are very popular concrete patio furniture items. Everything from painted birds to amusing cartoon figures are available in this form. Their enduring popularity means that a wide selection is available – anything to suit your taste.

Fountains are another extremely popular concrete patio furniture accessory. Ornate styles reminiscent of those found in European castle gardens are always a favorite, as are the simpler designs for a more modern look.

It’s always nice to have a birdbath in your garden that will attract a colorful array of birds. There’s a good choice of birdbaths at any dealer that carries concrete patio furniture. Often they are available with matching planter sets that will add class and accent to your patio furniture.

No matter which style you go for, concrete patio furniture gives your patio and garden a substantial look which aluminum or plastic just doesn’t have. For the ultimate in attractiveness and functionality, choose concrete patio furniture.


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