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Hanging Solar Lights

Solar lighting is ideal for garden and yard use. It is virtually carefree -- just install it and let the sunlight provide the power. Many people install a solar path light close to the ground but if you don't receive a lot of sunlight in your path area, you can install hanging solar lights instead. Their extra height can make the difference between receiving adequate sunlight or not.

Sunlight is essential for solar lights because direct sunlight to recharge is the batteries during the day so that the lights can shine in the evening. The more sunlight the lights are exposed to, the longer the lights will stay on at night.

Solar lights can be hung from poles of any length or they can be strung along a wire or rope. If you get adequate sunlight, the hanging lights can be installed close to the ground. If not, look for some that come with longer poles.

What happens if you want to install solar lighting in your garden but it is shaded for most of the day? In this situation, consider installing a solar panel on your roof. Electric lines can be extended from the solar panel to the solar lights in your yard. This is a good solution for many types of specialty solar lights.

The solar panel collects energy from the sunlight, but that energy must be stored in order for it to be used by the solar lights. Most solar lights use rechargeable NiCad batteries that can store enough power for about six to 12 hours of lighting. The amount of power collected during the day depends on the amount of direct sunlight the solar panel receives.

There are many types of solar lights on the market. As well as solar path lights and hanging lights, there are also solar spotlights and specialty solar lights such as colored lights for creating a special atmosphere in your yard. It's worthwhile buying good-quality solar lights -- some of the cheaper models have limited lifespans and can break during high winds or storms.

On the whole I'm pretty much in love with my solar lights. I love the idea that the sun is freely supplying the energy to keep my patio and garden in a nice glow  all night. These lights add to my families security, add a touch of romance plus no extra charges from the electric company.

My experiences with these lights so far  are making me think about installing solar panels for some of the in house energy requirements. I think that will make a great project this fall. I'll keep you posted!

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