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Grills & Fryers Bring the Great Outdoors to Your Table



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Grills & Fryers Bring the Great Outdoors to Your Table

Grills & Fryers are a great way to cook in the great outdoors and give your food a special taste and flair. From the simplest charcoal grill to the most elaborate gas grill, there is something about food cooked outside. In addition, a charcoal or gas grill allows any homeowner to host a wonderful outdoor party for family and friends.

When choosing grills and fryers, the first decision is to decide what type of grill or fryer best suits your needs. When it comes to grills, the most important decision is charcoal or gas. Many purists swear by charcoal grills, enjoying the authentic wood smoked flavor that charcoal can provide.

Other grilling enthusiasts prefer the simplicity and adjustability of a gas grill. Indeed, many of the larger gas grills are veritable stoves on wheels, featuring individual burners and warming trays, adjustable temperatures, storage bins and much more.

The type of grill you choose will be a function of both your personal taste and your budget. While a simple charcoal grill can be had for well under $100, the most elaborate gas grills can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. What you choose will depend on exactly what you need, and how much entertaining you plan to do.

Just about any type of food that can be cooked indoors can be cooked on a good quality grill as well. That includes steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, fish and other types of meat, as well as many different kinds of vegetables, including baked potatoes.

When it comes to fryers, there are a great many styles and models to choose from as well. There are deep fryers, fish fryers and even turkey fryers. Again, the type of fryer you choose will depend on the types of foods you plan to cook, the space available for the fryer, and how often you plan to use it. As with grills, the prices of fryers vary greatly, with different types costing as little as $50 or as much as $200 or more.

There are fryers designed for indoor use as well as outdoor use. As with any cooking appliance, it is important to follow all the manufacturer’s recommendations precisely to ensure safe operation. It is especially important to never use a fryer designed for outdoor use indoors.

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