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5 Tips to Maintain Your Teak Patio Furniture Set

Teak’s durability is legendary, and this is why teak patio furniture is one of the most sought off in the specialized stores.

We all know how beautiful teak patio furniture is, and what makes it even more special is that it’s very easy to maintain. I know this is contrary to popular belief but let me explain.

In order to maintain your teak patio furniture, you must intervene in a minor manner, as teak patio furniture can will in fact almost maintain itself over the years. You will recognize it as you go along, not may type of woods can resist weather and rain and keep its natural beauty as teak does.

Here are a few guidelines to keep your set in perfect shape.

  • When you first assemble your teak patio furniture, you must remove the dust that usually remains after the manufacturing process. Keep in mind that teak patio furniture may have a polished surface, and this is a result of the natural oils contained by the wood. Stick with removing the dust with a damp cloth.
  • If you never had teak patio furniture before, you should know that after a season or two, the color of the wood changes from golden-brown to a great silverish -gray. Don’t try to stain the wood; it looks much better if you just let it follow its course, as the process doesn’t affect the resistance of the teak patio furniture.

To clean your teak set, you need a solution of, one part bleach and four parts of light detergent. You can use a soft brush and brush gently the surface of  teak. Finally, use water for removing the solution and the dirt.

If the teak is affected by stains that cannot be removed with the above mentioned solution, there are many chemical solutions available. Pay attention though, chemical solutions will remove the stain, but they will also affect the silver color.

In the affected area, the color will become golden brown.

Maintaining your teak patio furniture is a simple process, as all you have to do is cleaning it periodically.  And stick with it or it the whole thing gets out of control

The natural qualities of the teak and the specific color are definitely an asset for any outdoor decor!

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