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Aluminum Patio Furniture - The best of both worlds

Ahhh patio living! Relaxing, quality time spent with your family and friends. To ensure the maximum benefit of patio time, try to keep patio maintenance down to a minimum. Aluminum patio furniture is a great choice to furnish your patio with. Itís easy to care for a comes in an amazing array of styles.

You can find aluminum patio furniture in both modern and traditional styles. Its lightweight makes it easy to move around, so you can arrange your patio furniture to suit any occasion.

Lightweight aluminum patio furniture is also easy to store in the wintertime. If you prefer to leave it out all year, however, there are no worries about aluminum rusting. With just basic care and maintenance, your patio furniture will last for years.

Aluminum patio furniture is manufactured by two basic processes. Cast aluminum has the classic look of cast iron without the maintenance headaches that cast iron requires. Cast aluminum is sturdy and long-lasting.

The second manufacturing process of aluminum patio furniture is extrusion. Extruded aluminum is shaped by an extrusion press, and can be made in a range of thick nesses and shapes.

Thicker extruded aluminum will be stronger, something to keep in mind when youíre shopping for aluminum patio furniture. But rest assured, all aluminum is rustproof and makes the perfect outdoor furniture material.

Properly cared for, aluminum patio furniture will keep on looking great for years. Things that may harm the finish include suntan oil and perspiration, as well as saltwater for those near the ocean. Cleaning the aluminum is a simple process of washing with soapy water and then rinsing. Done once or twice a month, this will give you the maximum usage from your furniture.

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