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Lawn furniture – Extend your living space to the landscape.



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Lawn furniture – Extend your living space to the landscape.

The grass is mowed, the garden weeded, and flowers are in full bloom. Who wants to go back inside? Today’s affordable choices in lawn furniture give you the ability to transform your yard into an extra family room.

Today’s outdoor furniture comes in an enormous variety of types and materials in prices to suit every budget. Along with ready-made chairs, swings, and tables, there is an abundance of lawn furniture plans for the do-it-yourselfer. In fact, we even ran across a plan for what can only be called a chia couch, a sofa that you build and plant to sprout for comfort!

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Working at the PatioOf course, more traditional furniture materials are still abundant. Choices include wood, rattan, resin, aluminum, and steel-bodied chairs. In addition, you can dress up your hard-surfaced furniture or weatherworn pieces with an endless variety of lawn furniture slipcovers and cushions.

Lawn Furniture 2 Categories

Furniture for your lawn usually is in one of two categories. You may want a couple of stationary pieces like the time-honored Adirondack chairs, a yard swing, picnic or patio table. However, it’s also a practical idea to add a couple of portable pieces for outdoor entertaining.

Both chairs and small cordial tables molded from resin will stack conveniently in a corner, easily accessible to guests. Along with inexpensive price, an added advantage to resin furniture is that it never needs painting. Color is molded into the material so that it stays looking fresh and new for several years.

Folding tables and chairs are also popular choices for portable outdoor furniture. The “director’s” chair remains a popular choice and many styles are now available for purchase along with a carrying bag. If you think you’ll need a seat for parade, picnic, or neighborly visit, these chairs easily load in the trunk or back seat of a vehicle and are an affordable and easy way to avoid playing musical chairs at crowded gatherings!

Your yard or someone else's— summer is at its best in the outdoors and lawn furniture gives you extra elbowroom and seating space when you want to soak up some sun!


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